Zoho CRM Consulting

Easy to follow CRM consulting that bring momentum
in your CRM Implementation.

Get the things right from the begining.

We help businesses to identify the best approachs for designing and implemting zoho crm solution. Whether it is a new installation or migrating from legacy crm, Consulting for a CRM is the first step of your Journey.

Why Zoho CRM Consulting?

Its more than just conact management system. Due to advancement of many technologies and inter-dependance of many tools, CRM Solutions is not just centered in one single tool. Rather it is an integrated aproach to deliver best experience to your prospects and  existing clients.

We at Insta Web Works discuss and identify various usercases which are crucial before implenenting a CRM Solution. As a Certified Zoho CRM Consultants, we follow the step-by-step processes to check the CRM health check, Identify Gap Analysis and finding an optimal CRM Product. 

CRM Consulting at Insta Web Works give you the best expereince of implementing CRM.

How does CRM Consting Works?

CRM Consulting is a process where consultants analyze the business goal & challanges, identifying the gap and finally document a solution that drive businesses to success in a strategic way.

CRM Consulting involves with these following areas:

  • CRM Need Analysis
  • Defining Goals
  • Gather Required Documents
  • Identifying Gap in the process
  • Drafting a Solution
  • Configuration and Development plan
  • Data Migration Plan
  • End User and Admin User Training Plan

Who is Zoho Consulting for?

Zoho CRM Consulting helps business in every stages of business automation:

Pre CRM Plan:

It could be the very first step where CRM consultant help any business that are planning to implement a CRM Solution. This initial investment is crucial for having a succssful CRM implementation.

Pre CRM Consulting plan is highly effective to small and medium size business who have offline business process ranging from short sales lifecyle to wide complex process. 

Ongoing CRM Process Review:

Wheter you are using a CRM for a long time or started using crm recently, having a plan for onging CRM process review will increase the efficiancy dramatically. A Zoho CRM Consultant will define a regular business review process and an optimal solution to deploy any new changes.

CRM Audit:

Most business perform CRM Efficiancy audit yearly/half yearly to generate a overall picture of CRM Usage, adoption and various matrics of CRM performance. Based on this audit report, Business can fine tune the gap in CRM implementations.

Check how Zoho CRM Consulting helps business towards a successfull Solution

Case Study

Apollo International reduce ongoing opertational cost by 70% switching from a Legacy CRM to Zoho CRM

Case Study

Apollo International reduce ongoing opertational cost by 70% switching from a Legacy CRM to Zoho CRM

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